Who are we ?

Our website address is: www.aforpel.org. This site offers training and resources for the management of borderline disorder. We also organize Borderline Anonymous discussion groups which allow exchanges between people with Borderline disorder.

Use of personal data collected

The personal data collected on this application is associated with the email address you use to log in. The answers you select in the tests you perform are stored on a remote server (in the cloud), in order to display the histories as well as a follow-up of the variation of your emotions.

Use and transmission of your personal data

We keep the answers of the tests that you take, associated with the email address of your account, to display your results and to follow the evolution of your emotions. These data are processed by computer scripts (algorithms) only. This anonymous data, that is to say, dissociated from the email address you use to connect to this application, can be used by AFORPEL for study statistics on the evolution of borderline disorder.

Storage times for your data

We store anonymous data for an indefinite period. All users can see and modify their personal information at any time in the \”settings\” tab (except for the email address allowing their connection and the answers to the tests carried out).

The rights you have over your data

You can request to receive a file containing all the personal data that we have about you, including those that you have provided to us. You can also request the deletion of personal data concerning you by sending us a request to contact@aforpel.org, specifying in your message the e-mail address you use to connect. This does not take into account data stored for administrative, legal or security reasons.