Too often confused by doctors with bipolar disorders, it is clear that borderline personality disorder is still difficult to diagnose and therefore to treat effectively.

We receive many requests for support every day from people who have actually been diagnosed with borderline or who think they are because they are experiencing all the symptoms. Unfortunately, there are still too many of them who lack care and feel isolated and helpless in the face of their suffering.

There are two reasons for this:

  • The lack of health professionals (psychologists or psychiatrists) trained in the psychotherapeutic management of the disorder.
  • The lack of financial means, even if psychotherapy, which is the only effective treatment, can sometimes benefit from reimbursement by certain mutual insurance companies

Borderlines Anonymous

Faced with this situation, AFORPEL regularly offers discussion groups specially dedicated to borderline people who feel the need to meet regularly to discuss and share their experiences on the topics that concern them: “Borderline Anonymous” (B.A). Information and registration on the site

The objective of this concept is to offer borderline people who feel a feeling of rejection and abandonment, often coupled with a feeling of shame or self-devaluation, to get out of their social and emotional isolation in a climate of benevolent and non-judgmental listening. These groups are led and moderated by volunteers previously trained in leading groups of borderline people and approved by AFORPEL.

Call for applications

To extend this concept to the provinces, we are constantly looking for available people who wish to take up this challenge alongside AFORPEL. The qualities required are: empathy, ability to listen.

A master’s degree in psychology, a gestalt practitioner diploma or/and knowledge of CNV (non-violent communication) would be a plus.
Free training will be offered to all successful applicants.

Send your application by email now to Franck Lainé, vice president of AFORPEL in charge of relations with individuals, indicating your motivations.