The psychotherapy of borderline people requires a strong involvement of the therapist. He must know how to create and maintain the therapeutic alliance and maintain a listening ear and a benevolent posture, in the face of the often confusing attitudes of the patient. The management of counter-transference, respect for the different components of the therapeutic framework are some of the subjects most often discussed during the supervision sessions and exchanges of practices regularly organized by AFORPEL scheduled at the beginning of the year.

In order to guarantee its patients an effective service and above all, to protect themselves from any risk of drift, each AFORPEL therapist is required to participate at least once a year in a supervision or exchange of practice session. For provincial therapists, some sessions can be done by videoconference

These meetings are above all moments of sharing which allow the participants to put into perspective the feelings of discouragement, anger, exhaustion, which accumulate over the course of the therapies and to appropriate new resources to meet the need for adjustment. permanent. Their cost is included in the annual membership.