Who are the AFORPEL health professionals?

Aforpel brings together a vast network of professionals such as general practitioners, psychiatrists, academics (research center), psychologists or psychotherapists, but also a group of practitioners trained in different psycho-corporal approaches (somatotherapy, massage, hypnosis, etc.). All our health professionals have been specially trained in the therapeutic support of people suffering from borderline personality disorder.

Faced with the multitude of appellations of the different professionals, we offer you a short definition of the role of the latter in order to direct you towards what would suit you best. It is important to understand and differentiate what is hidden under these different names (the approach to care is not the same).

  • The psychiatrist is a doctor who can prescribe medication for you and who is reimbursed by social security.
  • The psychologist has followed a course in psychology, holds a Master 2 (and a professional internship lasting 500 hours) and is generally specialized in a field (clinical, psychopathology, health, development, social or work).
  • Psychotherapists are health professionals trained and qualified by institutes approved by the regional accreditation commission. They hold a master's degree whose specialty or mention is psychology or psychoanalysis. They followed a theoretical training in clinical psychopathology of at least 400 hours, as well as a practical internship of a minimum duration of 5 months in approved services. (The use of the title of psychotherapist is regulated by Decree No. 2012-695 of May 7, 2012 modifying Decree No. 2010-534 of May 20, 2010)
  • The psychotherapist has undergone training in a particular teaching (eg EMDR, transcational analysis, NLP, hypnosis etc.)
  • The psychoanalyst is a professional who has himself followed an analysis (self-introspection work) of several years and/or a theoretical-practical training often associated with a specific current (Lacanian, Freudian etc.).
  • Finally, there are several non-medical, complementary psycho-corporal approaches that are generally recommended in the context of overall therapeutic care. These different approaches are: somatotherapy, relaxation, yoga, meditation, shiatsu.

AFORPEL, a team of specialists listening to patients and their families.

AFORPEL also organizes internships, discussion groups, conferences and videoconferences led by professionals specializing in borderline personality disorder to meet the expectations of patients and their relatives.
Check our calendar for upcoming appointments.

You are a health professional, private individual, teacher
or students, does borderline personality disorder apply to you?

Contact your contact or your dedicated contact.

You live abroad, and you want to know us better ? If you are looking for information about borderline disorder, if you want to know the most suitable therapies, contact Stéphanie BONAMARTE, vice-president responsible for promotion and communication with associations, health professionals and individuals living in a French-speaking or English-speaking country.

email : stephanie.bonamarte@aforpel.org

Daria KARAKLIC, doctor in clinical psychology is vice-president in charge of all training actions offered by AFORPEL. She is therefore the contact person for HRDs and heads of departments of health organizations who wish to raise awareness or improve their staff on borderline personality disorder (BPD).
She also takes charge of organizing symposiums, "master classes", conferences... with the support of Pierre NANTAS in conjunction with Inès CASTELOT.

email : daria.karaklic@aforpel.org

Inès CASTELOT is in charge of relations with French-speaking universities and schools of psychology. Vice-president, she liaises with student associations and university professors (France and abroad).
Assisted by Daria KARAKLIC and Pierre NANTAS, she is the resource person for students who wish to direct their research towards borderline disorder. She participates in training and information actions (master class, conferences) about borderline personality disorder.

email : ines.castelot@aforpel.org

Franck LAINE is responsible for the development and coordination of support actions for borderline people (borderline anonymous).
As vice-president, he designs, coordinates and leads psychoeducation sessions for relatives of borderline people in collaboration with Stéphanie BONAMARTE

email :  franck.laine@aforpel.org