Can a child be borderline ?

He has extremely violent tantrums for no reason, he withdraws into himself, he does not fit in at school… This may be the expression of stress linked to an event of the family context. It can also reflect psychological suffering related to the school environment or an external trauma. Do not immediately conclude that he suffers from borderline personality disorder.

Consult a child psychiatrist or child psychologist.

Your teenager has become unmanageable….

Borderline behavior is often the expression of hormonal changes associated with adolescence. It is very important that parents do not allow themselves to be overwhelmed by anger or fear in the face of their child’s emotional tsunamis. You have to stay firm, keep listening and communicating. Crop it whenever possible. In case of concern, suggest that your teenager consult a psychotherapist specialized in borderline disorder who will help him to evacuate the feelings that he cannot manage alone.

You cannot be the solution since you are (in his eyes) the problem.

Cannabis, alcohol, addictions and borderline disorder.

Cannabis is a drug widely used by adolescents. However, this drug has side effects that amplify paranoia, a common emotion in borderline personality disorder. It increases feelings of isolation and abandonment. Addictions to video games, TV series, gambling, etc. are often comorbidities of borderline personality disorder. The disinhibiting effect of alcohol is particularly harmful for the borderline. Indeed, this molecule, by amplifying emotions, can lead to acting out in self- or hetero-aggressive behavior that is highly detrimental to the physical and psychological integrity of the person.

In case of addiction to a drug, it is useless to consult a psychotherapist or a psychologist. It is strongly advised to first consult an addictologist.