Borderline online test

A borderline person has difficulties analyzing the painful emotions which occur to him or her.

His or her description is usually blurred and described as anxiety.

Answer the questions below and you will know if you have Borderline personality disorders behaviors.

You feel almost never often almost always
Sad, distressed ?
a chronic feeling of emptiness
Angry hateful
Emotional over-reactions or excessive enthusiasm
suspicious, fearful, persecuted
You see things in black and white with no grey areas in between
When you are upset you hurt, or want to hurt, people
You suddenly change your mind or your behavior with no apparent reason
Impulsive behavior occurs to you
You look for fusional relationships
You need reassurance and to be comforted in your behaviors and choices
You have provocative and demanding behaviours
You are suspicious towards people and situations
You may run away or remain passive while facing adversity
Expressing emotions is difficult for you