AFORPEL offers health professionals specific teaching on the psychopathology of borderline disorder


You are a general practitioner, psychiatrist, psychologist or psychotherapist.
By joining AFORPEL, you will regularly receive information about borderline personality disorder.
You can also benefit from reductions on the cost of training, supervision sessions or conferences organized by the association.
We will not communicate any information concerning you without your authorization and you will not appear in the directory of AFORPEL therapists..



AFORPEL has been offering training since 2007 that can be covered under the permanent vocational training.
They are intended for psychologists and psychotherapists, as well as general practitioners or psychiatrists who wish to better understand, diagnose and treat personality disorder borderline.
  • They are provided, in Paris or in the provinces, on an individual basis, on dates set 6 months from advance.
  • AFORPEL trainers can also intervene on request, to respond to specific training needs expressed by an institution (Hospital, CMP, etc.).

In all cases, each training action is subject to an agreement.


AFORPEL professional training is available in different modules.

A common core

Mandatory prerequisite to take the following modules)

Duration: 21 hours

Observation: While borderline personality disorder often poses diagnostic problems, it also characterizes patients who present in many respects, difficulties in taking care of charge by uninformed healthcare professionals.

Training objectives: This training is designed to enable participants to better apprehend this disorder and to appropriate the basic elements that will allow them to achieve a anamnesis that will allow them to design an effective and participatory psychotherapeutic protocol.

Pedagogy: Interactive and participatory, this training allows you to assimilate the contributions theoretical by relying on the evocation and simulation of practical cases mentioned by the participants and the moderator.

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Development in psycho-traumatology
(Suicide attempts, hetero-aggressive drugs and addictions): 21 hours
Systemic therapy for relatives of borderline people
21 hours.
Discovery and use of M.Linhean's Dialectic and Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
21 hours.
Discovery and use of J. Young's schema therapy
42 hours (3 x 2 days)

Supervisions and exchanges of practices

The management of borderline patients can sometimes prove to be particularly confronting for therapists. This is why AFORPEL regularly offers meetings between practitioners who wish to share their experiences, discuss the difficulties experienced during such and such session. These exchanges can be done by Skype or during specially dedicated evenings.


Dedicated evenings

AFORPEL regularly organizes evenings for professionals which allow them to discover other methods or tools suitable for supporting borderline patients.